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2013 Symposium on thyroid cancer Radionuclide Therapy has been held in Chengdu
Date: 2013-5-5

In order to further improve the therapy levels of the Sichuan Province nuclear medicine practitioners on thyroid disease with radionuclide, to promote the clinical diagnosis and treatment of the standardization process, and to understand the development trend of global radionuclide therapy, 2013 Symposium on thyroid cancer Radionuclide Therapy, sponsored by the Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine, Sichuan Province, and jointly sponsored by the Nuclear medicine branch of Sichuan Province and Merck Serono, was held in Shangri-La Hotel in Chengdu on April 20, 2013. More than 80 people included the nuclear medical specialists in Sichuan and related professional medical workers, graduated students and some domestic experts attended the meeting. The conference invited the director of the Department of Nuclear Medicine of Washington hospital center in United States and the Well-known expert, professor Douglas Van Nostrand made an excellent report entitled "the excellent report of nuclear medicine and differentiated thyroid cancer." The report discusses in detail the experience and hot problems of the radioactive iodine therapy in differentiated thyroid carcinoma, synthesized and compared several related guide of universal at present. After the report, Professor Douglas Van Nostrand made a detailed communication and everybody in the audience, and answered many difficult common clinical problems which enabled the participants to benefit a great deal from this report.
Nuclear Medicine Institute of Sichuan Province Medical Association
April 22, 2013
Translated by Jia Zhiyun)

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