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Introduction of Chinese Medical Association

  Chinese Medical Association is a corporation which is composed of voluntary workers of medical science and technology and registered legally as an academic, commonweal and non-profitable society. It is a bridge and link between China Communist Party, our country and the medical technology scientists, and also an important social strength for developing Chinese medical science and technology.
  Chinese Medical Association was founded in 1915, and now it includes 82 specialist branches, more than 430 thousand members, 15 representative offices, a medical library and 2 legal entity agencies.
  The purpose of the Chinese Medical Association is to unite and organize the majority of medical science and technology workers, comply with the national constitution, laws and regulations, implement the principles of national works and guidance of science, technology and health. It not only advocates medical ethics, but also propagates social healthy trends. It persists in the principles of democracy society, fully distributes to academic democracy, improves professional and technical capability of medical scientists and technologists, and promotes the prosperity, development, the popularization and publicity of medical science and technology. It encourages the growth of team of medical science and technology and the combination with the economic construction. It serves members and workers of medical science and technology, people's health and the socialism modernization drive.
  The principal activities of the Chinese Medical Association are as follows: developing medical academic communications; editing and publishing 109 kinds of medicine, science and other types of periodicals and audio-visual products; carrying out the continuing medical education, the international academic exchanges, the evaluation and appraisal of medical technology projects and the verification for making policy decisions of medical science and technology; judging and rewarding outstanding achievements in medical science and technology (including academic papers and popular science, etc.); carrying out training and examining of specialist; seeking, recommending and training excellent medical technology professionals; publicizing and rewarding medical staff with noble medical ethics and excellent service; bearing the functions and the assignments committed by the government; organizing technical appraisal for medical negligence; promoting the transformation and application of medical research results; reporting needs and opinions of workers of medical science and technology to the party and the government.
  The 23rd National Convention, also the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Medical Association, was held ceremoniously in Beijing from April 12, 2005 to April 14, 2005. The Communist Party of China central committee and State Council sent congratulatory message to the Convention. Wu Yi and other state leaders attended the opening ceremony. The vice-chairman Han Qide and the former vice-chairman Wu Jieping of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress (NPC) were elected as honorary president of the Chinese Medical Association. The 23rd Board of Directors of the Chinese Medical Association was determined by election: The president was Zhong Nanshan and the vice-presidents were Ba Denian, Wang Haiyan, Bai Shuzhong, Mamtimin Yasheng, Liu Jun, Qi Guoming, Wu Mingjiang, Li Lanjuan, Shen Beifen, Jin Lianhong, Hao Xishan, Gu Yudong, Dai Jianping, Wei Yuquan.
  The secretaries general of the Chinese Medical Association were Wu Mingjiang, and the deputy secretary general were Liu Yanfei, Han Xiaoming, Luo Ling, Yang Min.

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